VAKL Custom Mufti Language Keyboard System

Category: Computer Hardware

VAKL Corporation is specialized company for future input devices of computer, mobiles, tablet and more. VAKL input customizing enables users edit and set up keyboard whatever they want to. Users can memorize and learn quickly by customizing foreign letters and GUI.

VAKL input customizing was developed for foreign language, Design and SW’s education as well as professional work environments. In addition, VAKL input customizing is applied to games, portals and many different fields.

Company: Jinwon Choi

Seungsan-Gu Seungsan-Dong 77-1,
Changwon Kyungsangnam-Do 641-971 KR

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VAKL Corporation is ISO9001/ 14001 certified professional IT, SW 3D Vision and International Trade company. Our Products are VAKL Custom Multi Language Keyboard System , 3D Smart Eye-Glass. An International Trade is our one of major business. We are international trade license qualitified team. We also have several years’ experiences in an international trade tasks. We also have good sales and marketing networks in Asia as well as Korea.

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