Electric fence energizer

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Electric fence energizer
1,Release electric shock to intruders who touch the fence
2,Generates alarm signal
3,Burglar proof

The object of Lanstar electric fencing energizer is to keep bad guys outside protective area by giving electric shock through the charged fence wire.

Properly installed and grounded electric fence is an effective, economical way to keep safety

Electric fence is a psychological barrier, physical barrier

Cost effective price

Low maintenance

China manufacturer

1. electric fence installed on the private house
2. prevent intruder to break in.
3. intruder gets electric shock
4. the electric fence system will send alarm to the guard room meantime.
5. the electric fence can integrate with the CCTV,GSM and alarm panel as a perfect security system.
6. Compliant with IEC60335-2-76
7. Tested for EMC Compliance
8. power consumption below 10W.

Electric Fence System Summary:
Perimeter Security Electric fence is a psychological barrier that keeps animals and would be criminals and predators out. A pulse of electric current is sent along the fence wire, about one pulse per second, from an energizer which is grounded. When the intruder touches the fence, it completes the circuit between the fence and the ground and receives a short, sharp but safe shock. The shock is sufficiently memorable that the intruder never forgets.

Because it is a psychological barrier, it does not require great physical strength. However, it must be well designed and constructed to absorb some pressure from animals, snow and wind. The energizer must have enough power for the length of the fence and for the animals being controlled.


Real physical barrier

Detection of intrusion or anti-theft

Status display all the time on LCD

Link with other security equipment,like CCTV,Alarm

Controled by keyboard or computer

Lanstar electric fence energiser: LX-2008SC

Technical information:
High voltage peak 5KV~10KV
Low voltage peak 700V~1000V
Pulse current peak <10A
Pulse duration <0.1S
Pulse interval 1S
Single pulse electricity 2.5mC
Single pulse energy <5.0J

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