VitalNet VN-4840 Central Station

Category: Measurement & Analysis Instruments

Bring all your patients vital signs to a single monitor from anywhere in the hospital with the Digicare VitalNet Patient Monitoring Network

Digicare Biomedical Technology

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Boynton Beach FL 33426 US

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Digicare Biomedical Technology Inc., with over twenty years of experience designing and manufacturing vital signs monitors, has created a line of vital sign monitors, which range from single parameter monitors to sophisticated multi-parameter monitors.

The LifeWindow™ multi-parameter monitor series offer the best surgical monitors available. It provides the clinician with connectivity, expandability and functionality like no other monitor delivers. With the introduction of the LifeWindow™ multi-parameter monitors, Digicare has become the first vital signs monitor manufacturer to introduce a line of fully integrated Internet network ready multi-parameter monitors in the United States.

The easy wireless connectivity of the LifeWindow™ multi-parameter monitors to existing networks, offers countless possibilities for remote access of patient data. Once the unit is connected to an Internet network, the monitor screen and patient data are accessible by the clinitian remotely. All the patient data is easily forwarded and remotely printed to specialists for diagnostic interpretation. The touch screen feature, along with the power of the LifeWindow® multi-parameter monitors provides the practitioner with unprecedented intuitive operation, along with real time integrated patient clinical data, and report generation. All this at an affordable price.

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