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70% HA Activated Potassium Humate
Coated Soil Conditioner - Net Weight 50 lbs.
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ACTIVATED FOR ENHANCED SOLUBILITY POTASSIUM HUMATE containing 70% Humic Acid by weight (a non-plant food product) derived from Mesa Verde Humates. Humic Acids are natural agents containing both humic and fulvic fractions.

A concentrated source of humic acids. Adds organic material containing humic acids to your soil to stimulate soil life. Improved solubility (76% soluble) to speed activity in the soil and enhance uptake. Naturally-occuring, unaltered oxidized lignite, coated and screened to various particle sizes (1-2mm, 1-6 mm, 2-6mm). K Hume also contains many supplemental natural minerals in trace amounts, including 3% potassium (dry weight basis).

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