Seeking Distributors for the Best Car Washing Product-Bugs Off Pads®

Category: Automotive

Quick&easy vehicle washing products that totally clean off bugs, road tar, dirt, bird droppings, even OVERSPRAY, using only car wash soap&water. Safe for paint, clear coat, plastics, graphics, etc. We also manufacture Better Than A Brush® Wheel Scrubbers.

Company: Awesome Products Corp.

130 Corridor Rd.
Ponte Vedra Beach FL 32004 USA

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Manufacturer of Bugs Off Pads and Better Than a Brush Wheel Scrubbers. Quick & easy car, truck, bus, and RV cleaning.

Our Bugs Off Pads safely remove bugs, over spray, dirt, grime, road tar, etc. from all vehicle surfaces with only car wash soap & water. They are safe for all vehicle surfaces: paint, clear coat, plastics, glass, graphics, metal, etc.

Our patent pending Better Than A Brush Wheel Scrubbers clean an entire wheel, even behind the spokes, with only soap & water.

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