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Kindly let us introduce an innovative fertilizer called LITHOVIT®, produced by the company ZEOVITA Gmbh, our partner and manufacturer. LITHOVIT® is a combination of "Litho" (Greek) that means stone and vit from vita (latin) that refers to life. LITHOVIT® means stone giving life. Natural dolomite that contains CO2 in bond form is micronized in High-Tech-Nano mills to very fine powder, LITHOVIT®. Once it is suspended in water and sprayed on the leaves, the particles penetrate through the stomata pores into the intercellular compartment and set there CO2 free according to a physicochemical reaction at the cell membrane.
LITHOVIT® Natural CO2 Foliar Fertilizer is made of calcium carbonate from natural mineral limestone deposits with micro-nutrients, easy to be assimilated:

> 75% calcium carbonate
> 4% magnesium carbonate
> 0.5% iron
> 5% silica
> 0.1% potassium oxide
> 0.015% sodium
> 0.015% phosphate
> 0.01% manganese

This effective method of foliar and soil fertilization makes plants more vigorous and more stress-resistant, enhancing yield and quality, increasing crops with 20 – 40% and profits significantly.

Dragos Carpan

Bogda, Romania
Bogda Timisoara 305500 RO

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CLC Bio Innovation is a relatively young company that markets effective, environmentally-friendly special fertilizers which are being used successfully all over the world. The corporate objective of achieving the best possible use of natural raw materials and the active substances contained in them through the application of tribodynamic activation (TDA), to the benefit of humans, animals and plants.
Our company, CLC Bio Innovation’s is the exclusive importer and distributor of LITHOVIT® in Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovakia. We believe that somehow our product range is an agricultural revolution.

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