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The Unishell is a unique threaded steel closure. Unlike other metal closures, the Unishell hides its threads on the inside and leaves a smooth, clean look. Even the edge is neatly rolled away. Most of the Unishells are interchangeable with continuous thread closures of the same size since the standard Unishell works on containers with 400 finish. We also produce tall or high Unishells. A tall closure is manufactured with a higher profile to enhance the appearance of the package. Further customizing of the closure, such as embossing, special colors and printing, really sets your products apart from the competition. We can also print a fully readable UPC code on the sidewall. The Unishell is widely used for cosmetics and health and beauty products, and is also used with cold-fill food products.
A Candle-Plug is a Unishell with plastic insert. The candle market is utilizing our Candle-Plug to provide a more decorative look to their candles. Candle-Plugs are used on non-threaded glass such as 83 mm and 89 mm

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The Tecnocap Group is specialized in the production of metal closures for glass, plastic and metal containers used to package both food and health & wellness products and is the third larger manufacturer of metal closures and a leading manufacturer of customized and stock steel and aluminum closures. Tecnocap LLC, formerly Penn-Wheeling Closure, has an experience of over 120 years with a staff of more than 200 employees divided between the plant of Glen Dale (WV) and Warren (OH).

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