Trust FAQ

Trust is earned as you participate in the community. Registered users can start rating each other when User A sends a message to User B AND User B responds to User A. If there is no response, no points are awarded. Users can rate one another on a 1-5 star scale. That rating can be adjusted at anytime by either user. Only one trust score is generated for each unique transaction or message thread.

Products and Company Profiles can be reviewed once by each registered user. A user cannot review his/her own products or profile.

The cumulative rating for any profile, product or service is based on the average all overall rating received for that profile, product or service.

Keep in mind we also have another type of points system that assigns the user points based on things like: login, social network sharing, when users "like" something, etc. We can add that total to the sum of the review and products total. It's up to you.

Trust scores also can be enhanced by referrals from other registered users.

Trust scores also are enhanced if you include a Dun and Bradstreet number in your user profile.