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Carbon Pricing

Learn how the United Nations Private Sector Forum has said about using carbon pricing to curb greenhouse emissions, aiming to become carbon-neutral by the end of the century. Links: United Nations Webcast: Climate Summit 2014 - Opening Ceremony World Bank: Pricing Carbon United Nations Global Compact: Carbon Pricing (pdf)


Learn about Alibaba, the largest e-commerce company in the would, which went public last Friday.

Ex-Im Bank

What is the Export Import Bank of the United States, and how does it help U.S. Exporters? Our webcast this week is sponsored by Americans for the Ex-Im Bank and we're looking at how the Ex-Im Bank, currently facing a re-authorization battle, has helped the U.S. Economy. For more information, visit, and to support re-authorization of the Ex-Im Bank visit

Craig Allen Interview

Join us as we talk with Craig Allen, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia at the U.S. Commerce Department's International Trade Administration about business opportunities in Greater China, and the upcoming Discover Global Markets conference in New York. For more information of Discover Global Markets, visit Export.Gov/DiscoverGlobalMarkets


Join us as we begin a month long series, looking at four books focusing on business and marketing.

Language Tools

Take a look at these online and mobile tools available to help you learn a foreign language.


Learn how the U.S. International Trade Commission oversees U.S. rules and regulations for doing business overseas. For more information, visit


See what services and resources the ICC provides to help facilitate international trade agreements, including rule setting and dispute resolution, as publishing economic surveys and establishing universal standards for trade agreements. Links: International Chamber of Commerce