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Free Trade Agreements

Learn about free trade agreements in the United States and much more this week on the World Trade Webcast.

Economics of World Football

While the world watches the 2014 games in Brazil, join us as we look at the economic impact of the world’s most popular sport.

Foreign Direct Investment

This week on the World Trade Webcast we will be talking about President Obama's Foreign Direct Investment initiative and Select USA, as well as reviewing resources to help attract foreign investors.

Export Trade Finance Programs

This week, we will review trade finance programs available to assist U.S. exporters, and decrease the risks associated with exporting. Over the next week we'll look at: Ex-Im Bank The Small Business Administration The Overseas Private Investment Corporation Foreign Agricultural Service

Books for Business

Hear from Laurel Delaney, author of the excellent book on global business, Exporting: The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably Get more global business advice from Laurel Delaney on The Global Small Business Blog and get the book on Amazon


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Travel Apps

Learn about one of the largest sources of travel information given by travelers themselves, as well as the other resources offered by Wikitravel. Find it all at

Travel Websites

Before you embark on your next business trip, take a look at some of these resources to help decrease the pain of booking and scheduling.