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Regional Export Resources

Find out about some of the best regional resources in the U.S. for individuals and companies involved in international business, including The Massachusetts Export Center, The World Trade Center of Greater New Orleans, The International Trade Association of Greater Chicago, and the Monterrey Bay International Trade Association. Be sure to come back over the next few days to learn more about each of them.


Robert Freeman, President of First Priority talks about his experiences exporting emergency vehicles to up to 26 countries worldwide.

Exporter of the Year

Find out the winners of the 2014 ThinkGlobal Exporter of the Year Awards. Congratulations to these companies who stood out from the crowd in the amount and significance of their business conducted overseas. Find out more about the Exporter of the Year awards at

State Regional Trade Groups

Find out how the multiple State Regional Trade Groups help agricultural exporters in each region of the country, then come back during the next few days to learn about each of the State Regional Trade Groups in more depth. You can find more information on the State Region Trade Groups page of the FAS website.

Foreign Agricultural Service

Hear about some of the programs run by the Foreign Agricultural Service, which help US agricultural exporters. Also see our webcasts focusing specifically on these programs, including: The Market Access Program (MAP) The Emerging Markets Program (EMP) coming Wednesday The Foreign Market Development Program (FMD) coming Thursday The Export Sales Reporting Program coming Friday

Government Programs

Learn about the State Trade and Export Promotion program: what it is, how it can help your small business, and the steps you can take (no pun intended) to utilize its potential. Find out more at


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