Listing Guidelines

Listing Ads Defined

A listing ad in the New Product Showcase of Commercial News USA is sized to 1/12 of a page. (Please see our rate sheet for all ad dimensions.) You provide us with text and a photo or logo and our art department will create the listing, then email you a PDF proof to aprove before the publication goes to press.

Writing Style for Listing Ads

When you submit your text for a listing ad in Commercial News USA, we may edit the copy for style. We try to keep changes to a minimum. The writing style we use follows the AP Stylebook. Editorially, we put sentences into structurally.

We also suggest that you avoid the use of advertising hyperbole. While acceptable in domestic publications, a phrase like 'It will knock your socks off' may have an unintended meaning in another country or be simply meaningless.

Also, we recommend that advertisers do not include contact information within their body copy. The contact box is reserved for that purpose. Rather than be redundant, we suggest that you use your copy space to promote your product.

Toll Free Numbers

Most toll free (800, 866, etc.) numbers do not work outside of the U.S. and parts of Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. We recommend against including a toll free number in your ad unless you are absolutely certain it will work for foreign customers.


Please note that we are not allowed to accept advertising for certain types of items, so words referring to these products are not allowed. These items include alcohol, agricultural commodities (although processed foods are fine), tobacco, firearms, pornography, and items serving only military purposes.


Here is a checklist to help you provide your material for a listing ad.

  • Five word headline
  • 35 words of text
  • A high resolution color or b&w photo or logo
  • Contact information which should include the following:
    Individual contact name (optional)
    Name of company
    Street address, including city, state and zip
    Phone number
    Fax number
    E-mail address
    Web site address

Artwork Guidelines for Listing Ads

Please submit photos or logos as a separate files, not embedded in a Word document, and be sure to follow Artwork Guidelines, below. Larger files may be uploaded at

Vector Artwork Defined. Artwork that is created using mathematical formulas to produce lines, curves and shapes. Vector files are resolution independent meaning they can be enlarged infinitely without losing image quality.

Common File extensions are .ai, .eps, .pdf, .cdr. Some common applications that produce vector art are Illustrator, CorelDraw, Freehand, or Acrobat. This is always the preferred file type for logos. Most logos are originally produced.

Raster or Bitmap Artwork Defined. Any artwork, such as a photo, that is made digitally of horizontal and vertical rows of pixels. Common File extensions are .tif, .jpg, .gif, .bmp and .psd. Raster files are resolution dependent meaning they cannot be enlarged without looking blurry or distorted.

Help with Artwork Guidelines

For any questions, please contact our art director at 1-800-581-8533, ext. 805 or email at