The All Natural Shampoo Line.
Namaste America is proud to present you with a product that bottles the mysteries of India for your hair care. With amazing, refreshing aromas and sure benefits for your hair health, our shampoos will become your favorites. We invite you to try them and be convinced.

Natural Varieties, Many Benefits, FDA Approved

Drawing from the power of nature, our varieties of chai, henna and herbal all have their distinctive aromas and benefits.

ï Chai: Gentle fragrance that reminds of eastern beverages. It will invigorate and make your hair silkier and stronger.

ï Henna: Slightly stronger and smoother aroma. It will enhance your natural hair color, provide nourishment and highlighting.

ï Herbal: The smell of a summerís green field in your hair. It will penetrate hair roots to make them stronger and reduce hair fall, and provide balance to a tired head of hair.

Chemical-Free And Environmentally Friendly

We avoid all doubtful and harmful chemicals and procedures in our products. Our shampoos are BPA free, MIT and MCI free, toxin free and they contain no soaps, alcohols, sulfates and other similar substances. Our manufacturing facilities are inspected numerous times so we can provide you a shampoo with highest quality ingredients in the safest packaging.

We are absolutely against animal testing. No cruel methods will ever be used in the making of our products.

Namaste America Shampoo