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Real Wood Construction • Derived from America's largest renewable resource, Crestwood pools use only the finest #1 grade, 1 1/2" thick, pressure treated, kiln dried southern yellow pine. All wood components are pre-machined and require no cutting or drilling during assembly. The unique interlocking pattern gives the Crestwood a superior exterior finish and unparalleled strength. There are no flimsy metal walls to corrode or collapse.

Exclusive walk-in stair option • Crestwood Pools takes engineering to the limits thinking "outside the box" by creating a true in-ground experience at an above-ground price. Unlike traditional "cookie cutter" drop-in stairs, our system integrates flawlessly into the pool interior for a look and fit unrivaled by any other manufacturer.

Custom Winter Cover with optional automatic drain • Crestwood's custom-fitted winter covers have proven durability. Each cover installs easily and completely seals out winter dirt and debris. Your pool will remain attractive throughout the year with minimal maintenance. Our EXCLUSIVE drain option eliminates the need for siphoning or pumping water/snow accumulation from the cover. This feature allows you peace of mind to "Close It and Forget It" until spring!!

Cables • Galvanized steel aircraft cables are PVC-coated and provide 3 times the required strength necessary to support the pool. These incredibly durable cables give the Crestwood its unique look and form a structure that is completely self-supporting.

Color Options • Whether left natural or stained, you are assured of long lasting beauty for your Crestwood pool. Select a stain that compliments your home, deck or landscaping motif. You can stain, paint or leave it natural. The choice of color is yours. (Water repellent or clear stain IS recommended if leaving natural color)

Crestwood Pools

220 Stage Rd
Vestal NY 13850 US

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The Crestwood Story:

A unique idea from a customer was the spark that led to the creation and evolution of Crestwood Pools, Inc., the Ultimate On-Ground Pool manufacturer. In 1986 an above-ground pool owner looking to replace his rusted out metal wall pool and damaged liner came into our family's Swimming Pool manufacturing and retail facility in Vestal, NY. We have been the premier pool builder in our area since 1961. Upon reviewing our quote for the replacement items, the customer came up with a 'light bulb' idea. He was employed by a company that made wooden silos, that has since become one of the leading custom laminated beam manufactures in the world. His idea was, "I'll just build a 24' diameter Silo, 4' high out of Pressure Treated Wood and buy a liner and other necessary components to make a pool from you".

In the early 1970's, we stopped selling above ground pools due to the inherent problems associated with the typical metal wall above ground pools, such as rusting, instability, etc. We shifted our focus to building only custom built in-ground vinyl lined pools, which provided superior materials, quality and workmanship resulting in a long-term trouble free product for our customers.

When the customer presented his idea, we immediately could see the many benefits of using the proven design of a Silo or Barrel to construct a pool above ground that would stand the test of time and natural elements, without the common look and problems associated with typical above ground pools. With our family's knowledge of proper pool construction and materials, we knew there was a market for a quality On-Ground Pool using the Silo concept as the base structure.

We began to purchase the walls and "Silo Hoops" to hold the boards together and we created the first complete pool display. By placing the pool next to our busy parkway location, people saw the pool, and immediately started to inquire about this unusual Silo looking pool. Inquiries quickly turned to sales and as they say "the rest is history".

During the early years of constructing these original pools, we frequently made adjustments and improvements to overcome some installation challenges. We finally turned the "Silo" concept into a purpose designed On-Ground Pool system. Drawing on over 125 years of combined knowledge in the swimming pool and construction industries we perfected the Crestwood Pool. With some revolutionary ideas and innovations that were huge improvements over previous above ground pool products, we finalized all of our components, applied for a patent, incorporated and established Crestwood Pools, Inc. in 1989.

We were amazed at the popularity and rapid sales of Crestwood Pools with virtually no advertising or promotion. Our only exposure was the original display pool. We decided to make Crestwood Pools available to other like- minded swimming pool dealers who shared our commitment to selling only top quality pools with excellent utility, performance and stability. Our dealer network has been growing steadily since then with thousands of satisfied Crestwood Pool owners in the USA and other countries. Since that humble beginning, Crestwood has become the standard to which all others are compared and although others have tried to copy Crestwood Pools, our premier product has never been duplicated.

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