BHI Expanded Blowout Bag (Medical Kit)

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The BHI Expanded Blowout Bag (BH-MED-03) provides the operator with the essential medical items needed to treat life-threatening injuries sustained in combat, and is packaged in an efficient and effective bag.

The nylon pouch was chosen because of a couple of unique and functional features. The tourniquet and an emergency dressing are able to be stored in the quick-to-reach pockets under the front flap (which is secured by two quick-release buckles). Once unbuckled, the pouch can be removed, if needed, via the hook-and-pile tape backing. The pouch is secured via MOLLE-type attachments that lock in place with a hardened tab instead of snaps.

The BHI Blowout Bags are ideal for home, vehicle or field use, and are specifically designed to treat gunshot trauma. Several Blowout Bags are available depending on individual needs and weight requirements, but all feature the key supplies needed to keep the gunshot patient alive until medical help arrives:

Tourniquet – This is the quickest and easiest medical device to stop life-threatening bleeding from an extremity. The tourniquet can be applied with one hand if necessary, and is located in a separate pocket for rapid access. Seconds count when blood is pumping out.
Emergency Bandage – This dressing is designed to provide pressure and compression to a bleeding wound, replacing the need for Kerlix and an elastic bandage. Applied effectively, the emergency bandage can have a tourniquet-like affect, and stays in place via the locking device.

QuikClot Combat Gauze – For bleeding that cannot be stopped with a tourniquet or emergency bandage (femoral artery, abdomen, neck). The gauze is impregnated with a clotting agent to assist in stopping blood flow.

Asherman Chest Seal – The ACS seals an open chest wound, such as in gunshot wounds to the chest. The ACS has a one-way valve for releasing blood and air from an open chest injury, and prevents air from entering.

Trauma Shears – You have to see it to treat it. Shears are often needed to quickly expose the injury.

Nasopharyngeal – Developed to maintain the airway of an unconscious casualty. It will not secure an open airway, but maintains it during movement out of the threat area. Will not result in a potential airway obstruction like the J-tube (oropharyngeal).

BHI Multi-Purpose Triangle Bandage – Cravat that can be used for many different purposes.

Compressed Gauze – Packing wounds, extra bandage material for pressure dressings.

PLUS – Casualty Card, ABC/9-line Medevac Card, Gloves, Penlight

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Blackheart International (BHI) is a US-based supplier of tactical gear and supplies. The company’s primary focus is to provide logistics solutions to government agencies and military units, private security contractors, and law enforcement agencies. BHI is also manufactures military and defense products such as satellite communications antennas, combat medical kits, specialized foreign weapons components, plus AR-15 and AK-47 based weapons. The company specializes in customized equipment kitting and comprehensive logistics support. BHI is a Directorate of Defense Trade Controls-registered business, and is registered to sell and export ITAR-related items. BHI also operates Blackheart International Training, providing top-level tactical training to military units, security and law enforcement personnel.

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