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ESI Clean Fuel System™ for critical power facilities is the only diesel fuel cleaning system that guarantees the elimination of all fuel-related threats.
It’s a fact that 90% of diesel engine failures are fuel-related. Water, algae, microbes and sludge accumulate in stored diesel fuel to create the “perfect storm” of hidden risks to critical power operations and business continuity. 
ESI Total Fuel Management was the first to design, patent and manufacture fuel cleaning systems for permanent installation in critical power facilities. By cycling stored diesel fuel reliably, the ESI Clean Fuel System™forces contaminants to move through a gauntlet of engineered defense mechanisms that remove hidden threats to 24-7 generator reliability. 
• Automatic flow control
• Green and environmentally friendly (no toxic chemical biocides) 
• “Plug & Play,” rugged shelter design for data centers and large facilities
• Multiple redundancy levels (N+3)
Guaranteed Leak-Proof !*
*every Clean Fuel System is certified by Parker-Hannifin, a global leader in fluid motion and control technologies
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