Remote Area Aviation Mobility

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Trident Star Global has a primary mission to support and assist local populations, resource industries and host governments in creating an environment conducive to growth.  Trident Star Global's capabilities are ideally designed for operating in austere locations, connecting isolated populations and providing connectivity for a remote labor force. Utilizing an in-depth country assessment, Trident Star Global creates an operational plan for mobility, communications, remote area logistics, water/energy solutions and infrastructure development for any environment. The end result will be partnership in the world community for a stable and secure future.For example, utilizing air and ground mobility with advanced communications, TSG will develop a network of communications, transportation and a localized alternative energy grid that will identify key nodes and population enclaves in more remote areas in order to support society and businesses operating in areas away from major hubs. The end result will be an integrated and self-supported network of logistics and communications that embrace and lace together the entire country.Remote Area Aviation MobilityOver four years of effort went into building the capability that has serviced over 300 soldiers and civilians in remote areas over the earth.  Trident Star Global provided aircraft selection, crew training, standardization, specialized interoperable communications equipment and high-quality program management support that were the essential elements that provided elite forces and the civilian populations they cared for the best aviation service they had utilized in over 30 years.  This unique capability is migrating to other areas around the globe.

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