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The Rogers Law Group can assist you with all legal needs related to the sale of goods across borders. We will handle all legal aspects of your proposed transaction from initial considerations like agreements contracts and noncompetes to exchange rate insurance and logistics management. If your proposed export or import is regulated under law our firm will assist you in ensuring your transaction is compliant and trouble free. Contact us today for a nocost consultation on how we can assist you in making your international business a success.

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The Rogers Law Group focuses its practice on international trade and trade compliance law for clients in the United States and abroad. For companies in the United States, we can assist in every aspect of the international transaction whether it be importing or exporting, from finding distributors or suppliers, negotiating agreements, drafting and finalizing trade documents, ensuring logistics, compliance and insurance matters are properly covered and more. For international clients looking to buy from or sell to the United States, we offer these services to you as well.

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