MOCA 4,4'-Methylene bis(2-chloroaniline) CAS NO 101-14-4

Category: Chemicals, Oil and Gas

ICASON®MOCA is white to light yellow loose needle crystal,heated to black. It is Soluble in ethanol, acetone, chlorobenzene, organic solvent such as toluene and butanone, insoluble in water.
It is used for casting polyurethane rubber vulcanizing agent, cross-linking agent of polyurethane coating and adhesive, also can be used for curing epoxy resin. Liquid the mo card can be used in normal temperature curing agent and spray polyurea polyurethane curing agent.


Test Item Limit
Moisture% <0.30
Solidity density(24℃)/g/cm 31.44
Liquid density (107℃)/g/ml Max.0.0003%
Amine value mmol/g 7.4-7.6
Free aniline% < 1.00
Color(Gardner) ≤4
Acetone insolubles% <0.04

Package and Storage:
20kg,net,waterproof kraft bag.
Stored under shadow,good air circulation.

Benson Han

Tianjin Tianjin 300000 CN

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Tianjin Icason Technology Co.,Ltd is the customer manufacturing and services business unit of ICASON GROUP. Icason is committed to being the preferred global supplier on cross-linking agent, also called curing agent and vulcanizing agent,based on different industries. In the past more than two decades, ICASON works closely with customers to resolve development challenges on the polymerization reaction and polycondensation reaction.
Our focus is on eight key products segments-Isocyanate, Organosilicone, Organic Peroxide,Anhydride, Amides, Acylhydrazine,Acrylate, and Imidazole cross-linking agent, mainly used to the Rubber、Coating and Plastic industries.
We have a reputation for providing customers across a wide range of cross-link agents with flexible options and diverse solutions. Our insights into trends, innovative technologies and new concepts mean that we can find solutions to your unique challenges and identify opportunities for your business and products.

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