Trimethylolpropane Trimethacrylate Tmptma 98% High Purity Monomer

Category: Chemicals, Oil and Gas

Brief Introduction:
TMPTMA is light yellow transparent liquid, soluble in most organic solution, insoluble in water and alcohol.
As Cross-linking agent,rubber modifier, TMPTMA could decrease the radiation dosage, save the radiation time,increase the cross-linking density,low viscosity,high cross-linking properties,low vapour tension, high speed solid.
As co-vulcanizing agent applicated in the synthetic rubber,it could Improve the properties of anti-corrosion, anti-age and increase the rubber hardness, thermal resistance, absorb the per-oxide product’s(like DCP) smell when in the process of vulcanizing.Help the rubber more plastic when in the mix process, make the vulcanized rubber more harder. Suitable for MBR, EPDM, ACM and CR ,etc.


Test Item Limit
Moisture ≤0.2%
Soild assay(Wt%) ≥98.5
Acid (mgKoH/g) ≤0.2
Density 25℃g/ml 1.054

Package and Storage:
25kg/200kg,net,PE drum.
Sealed preservation, stored in a cool dark place, retention period a year.

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Our focus is on eight key products segments-Isocyanate, Organosilicone, Organic Peroxide,Anhydride, Amides, Acylhydrazine,Acrylate, and Imidazole cross-linking agent, mainly used to the Rubber、Coating and Plastic industries.
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