pumpkin kernels

Category: Agriculture

We are providers of high quality, snow white pumpkin seeds. Specifications:
a) Our own factory
b) Competitive pricing
c) Superior quality

omer bora

Aksaray / Merkez / Ataköy Köyü
aksaray aksaray 68000 TR

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We produce alfalfa hay, sunflower seeds, onions, beans and wheat etc. We produce and distribute several different agricultural products. Our main job is producing the highest quality of agricultural products that we can provide. We are located on the Konya plain, which is one of the most fertile areas in Turkey. The soil here is very rich, and it is valued so much that the Turkish government has invested in this land for agricultural purposes. We are constantly trying to improve our products, and we are attempting to connect with many different countries, as our aim is to export all over the world. We wish to become a global competitor.

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