2016 The 20th China (Beijing) International Medical Equipment Expo

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The 20th China International Medical Equipment Exhibition
Date:April 14-16,2016
Venue:China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)
Approved by :Ministry of Commerce,PRC.
Organizers:China Medical Equipment Industry Association
China International Communication Promotion Association for Medical and Health Care
World Health Industry Conference Organizing Committee
Taiwan Welfare Association
Korea International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
Japanese International Association of Health and Welfare
Supported by: The US-China Economic and Trade Promotion Association
German Aerospace Energy Biosciences Institute
Organizer:Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
★ Industry background
The regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices shall be implemented as of June 1, 2014. According to the medical equipment production, management, usage ,the food and drug supervision and administration department under the state council timely analysis and evaluation to the risk of medical apparatus and instruments change, adjust the catalogs.
In 2013, the gross of Chinese medical market worths $ 400 billion and still will be rising at an annual double-digit percentage. According to medical monitoring network, the cake in the China medical market is becoming more and more huge, attracting international medical giants pay more attention to the Chinese market . More and more companies will put the Chinese market as the key market to the future revenue growth and profitability .However multinationals in China "barbaric growth" era has been lopsided ,Chinese regulators have become more stringent .Now compliance has become a topic of concern among Chinese and foreign enterprises . Although faced with all sorts of situation, it is also a mature market as they should .And the Chinese medical market for multinational companies still represents the endless opportunities!
★ Review
The 20th China International Medical Equipment Expo 2016 attracted more than 1000 exhibitors and covered the areas more than 36,000 ㎡, breaking the record of the previous Fair. In the opening ceremony, there were officials from over 24 embassies in china and The Ministry of Health、The Ministry of Commerce、Development Research Center of the State Council and more than 80,000 professional visitors from 28 countries have witnessed the unprecedented event together!
20th CIMEE is meticulously planned to provide the best possible chance for wellness, medical and health care product manufacturers, service providers, educational facilities and research institutions that operate globally to do more profitable business, keeping in view of the spectacular rapidly growing and stable macro -economic China health care Industry, which is the fastest growing economy in China.
★ About the Exhibitors:
1、Exhibitors’ products must have valid hygienic license, business license, trademark registration certificate, and products approval documents; the quality of the exhibition products should
comply with the relevant standards.
2. Exhibitors who make sure to attend the exhibition should firstly contact the organizing committee to choose their ideal booth position, then fill in the exhibition application form and agreement form. Mail or fax the forms with your signatures to the organizing committee. The contract will be effective after being signed by both parties. Faxes or copies are valid .
3、Exhibitors upon receipt of the booth confirmation within five days, transfer the costs to the organizing committee designated bank account, overdue don't pay, the organizing committee.Have the right to change the original booth or cancel its participation qualifications.
4、the organizing committee adhere to the first application, the principle of first payment, first to confirm.
5、the organizing committee according to the needs of the overall effect of the venue and fire safety, have the right to adjust part has confirmed the booth.
★ About the professional visitors and buyers
A.【source and distribution of Professional visitor】
1.The distributors ,agents,franchisees,application providers,trading companies and food specially for the center,they all all have a sales network and highly reputation.
2.professional wholesale market for health food,supermarket,department stores,pharmaceutical business group,green health food stores, concession counter,health center,health management chain,private club,community supermarket chains and convenient stores.
3.foreign buyers,import and export trading companies,more than 130 countries Embassy Commercial Section ,industry association ,over 50 offices of provinces and cities in Beijing,SASAC central trade union system,home for respect of aged,research institutions ,the staff and senior manager of the health food manufacturers etc.
4.center of customer services,trade services institutions,gift shop,vital buyer units.
★ If you are the following products suppliers,please reserve the booth:
● Medical equipment:all kinds of medical equipment and medical ancillary equipment,medical & aestheticequipment,cardiaccare,medicalimaging,biochemical analysis instruments,Sphygmom-
Anometers and thermometers and other types of home medical equipment;
●Prosthetics and orthotics
●Diagnosis and treatment equipment:X-ray diagnosis and inspection equipment,ultrasound,nuclear medicine ,endoscopy system,ENT treatment equipment,dynamic analysis equipment,cryogenic equipment,dialysis equipment ,first aid equipment,etc;
● Ward care equipment and appliances:various types of bed,cabinets,dental chairs,beds,etc;
● Auxiliary equipment: sterilization products, oxygen supply equipment, blood bank equipment , medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation equipment , persons with disabilities and other special equipment ;
● Oral medical equipment : dental diagnostic medical equipment, dental surgical instruments , dental equipment ;
● hospital telemedicine systems , hospital medical information system, hospital office automation system ;
● Dressings : Medical bandages, gauze , masks, surgical gowns, medical adhesive plaster , bandage , cotton ball , medical gloves , surgical protective film, breathable medical Tape, adhesive, applicator , disposable syringes, infusion sets ;● Ophthalmic medical equipment, orthopedic medical equipment, clinical laboratory equipment and diagnostic reagents ;
● Medicine:OTC,ETC,Chinese medicine,Pill.
● operating room, emergency room , medical equipment and apparatus ;
2016 Beijing CISWE starts with preferential policy
Dear exhibitors:
Thank you very much for your support on this expo.so the organizing committee made some favoured policies to support your participation. Please check the following information:
1,If you can sign the contract before December 1,2015,You can enjoy 15% discount on booth price and one colorful page(210mm-H*135mm-W) in Exhibition Catalogue.
2,If you can recommend other exhibitor successfully for this expo,The organizing committee provide you one extra free standard room of 3-nights in Beijing.Guiguo Hotel nearby CIEC on 15% discount of booth price basis, meanwhile,the co-exhibitor you recommended can also enjoy 15% discount on booth price.
Welcome more exhibitors to join us and choose us to expand your international marketing.
The price list

Ⅰ. Booth Price
Luxury booth
booth 9㎡
(3m×3m) $4500 Luxury booth equipment include: lintel plate, a negotiating desk, two chairs, a 220v power socket, two daylight lamps, carpet, the painting and design of the pictures for publicity(You can ask organizing committee for design sketch and allocation), booth height:3.5m;
Raw space Over 18㎡ $380/㎡ No equipment; set up your stand by yourself.

ⅡAdvertisement Price
Catalog over Catalog Back Over Color Page Spread Catalog Cover
(the second, third page) Color Pages inside of Catalog Black and white Pages of Catalog
$3500 $2500 $2000 $1600 $900 $350
Advertising Prints
Ticket Invitation Letter Handbag Card Box Visitors’ badge(exclusive) Document Lanyard
$900/ 10000pcs $900
/1000pcs $1000 /1000pcs ¥6000 /1000pcs $2500 /20000pcs ¥15000 /10000items
Exhibition Site
Ball(diameter: 3m) banner: 15m×1.4m Hanging String Flag
banner(20 sides/line)
1line=20*1.5m*1m/side Wall Banner
Width: 24m
Height: 4m Wall Banner
Height: 10m Width: 0.8m Road Flag
¥12000 /per ¥12000 /line ¥40000 /pc ¥4000 /pc ¥500 /side
Ⅲ Forum Price
70 person $850 / hour Notes:(include following services)
1.provide technical equipment( Platform, chair) and 1 bucket of water;
2.provide power socket, projector, stereo, microphone;
3.provide broadcasting service and audience organization;
80 person $1000 / hour
160 person $1400 / hour

Organizer committee:
Organizing committee:Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Co., Ltd
Add: Room 904, Cell 4, Building 1, Fortune Street Tower, Chaoyang Road No.69, Chaoyang District,Beijing,P.R.China.
Post Code: 100123
Tel:+86-021-61996323 Mobile :86-15801744887 Fax:86-021-61264332 Tel: 86-10-8575014Fax: +86-10-85377300-806 Mobile: 86-15201016571
E-mail: 2355821764@qq.com ; chris.2003@sbwexpo.cn
Contact: Chris Jia

Chris Jia

Room 512,Block 9,Jiangqiao Wanda Square ,Jiading District,Shanghai
Shanghai City Shanghai 201800 CN

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It is the famous medical fair organizer in China .The event organized was supported and subsidied of Ministry of Commence ,PRC

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