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Automatic packaging of glucose ,monosodium, glutamate, starch, coal powder, cobblestone, paste mass, polyethylene, PVC additive, polyester pellet, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate , ammonium sulfate, zinc oxide , adipate , calcium hypochlorite and other powder , particle and platelet materials used in chemical and other metallurgical industries.

This super sack filler, big bag filling machine , big bag packing machine , bulk bag packing machine , bulk bag filling machine, jumbo sack filling machine, bulk bag bagging machine, bulk bag packaging machine, gunny bag filling machine, big bag packing machine, jumbo bagging machine, big bag filling system 1ton, is special for 500~2000kg level quantitative packaging field. it's suitable for many materials such as feed, rice, flour, starch, cassava flour, grains, cereals, beans, pulses, bird seeds, ore, mineral powder, seeds, plastic pellets, wood pellet, animal feeds, cat litter, sand, grains, wood pellets, chemical powder, maize meal, bean starch, tapicco starch, pulses, animal food, cement sand mix, ore fine powder, pvc powder, copper powder, etc.

Flowing Process:
Bag supplied & clamped by manual→ Automatic filling→ Automatic weighing→ Automatic bag conveyer

Main Structure:
1. Automatic filling system 2.Automatic weighing balance
3. Ton-bag clipper 4. Automatic rolling conveyor
5. Electric control cabinet

Weighing range: 500kgs -2000kgs/bag
Accuracy:+/- 0.2%FS
Output(bag/hour):8-30 bag/hour
Power supply:220/380V,50HZ,or according to the customers' requirements
Air pressure:0.55-0.65MPa
Feeding mode:Gravity type,Spiral type,belt feeding,vibratory feeding,combined form

Performance :
Four mobile load modules are adopted to guarantee long performance life
Package compaction function improves loading capacity and stacking density
Sensor with upper weighing structure cannot be damaged easily
With automatic hook releasing function , it can reduce manual labor intensity
Live –roller conveyer can be equipped to improve packaging efficiency

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