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This machine is controlled by computerized instrument and easy to operate & manage. For example, weighing packing 25kg, you just need to input it 25kg as the target weight and manually place the ready bag to the outlet of the machine, then the automatic clamping device will clamp the bag close to the body of outlet.
And the machine will automatic weighing and filling 25kg, then, automatic unloading the bag. Then, the belt conveyor will transport the filled bags to the sewing machine for stitching the bag top.
Main Structures:
Automatic filling system Automatic weighing unit Electric control and Computer Control cabinet
Flowing Process:
Manual Bag placing→Automatic filling→ Automatic weighing→Automatic bag unloading→Automatic bag conveyor → Semi-automatic bag sewing 
Technical Parameter:
Weighing Range:25-50 kg/bag. Precisions:±0.2%FS
Output Capacity: 140-250 bags/hour.
Power Source: 380V/50Hz/3 phase, 220V/60Hz/1 phase, will made as per local electrical system
Power     : 2.2/3 KW
Air resource:0.4~0.6 Mpa
Reference Weight: 300~400kg.Belt conveyor Dimension: 3000*400mm, subject to the real machine
Reference Dimension:1350×750×2800mm, subject to the real machine
Construction Material:Product contact part made by SUS304 and others made by carbon steel.

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