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Equipment introduction:

The robot palletizer is a professional industrial equipment integrated intelligent robot, the packages or the boxes are put on the trays or in the boxes one by one according to the preset modes . As a follow-up device of the packing line, the production capacity and transshipment capacity are improved. It is widely used in chemicals, building materials, feed, food, beverage, beer, automation, logistics and other industries. With different clamps, it can be used for packaging and palletizing for various shapes of finished products in different industries.

Equipment features

1.Stacking capacity is much higher than traditional stacker and manual palletizing

2.Simple structure, low failure rate, easy maintenance , less main components , low maintenance costs

3.Palletizing robot arm can be set in a narrow space, high efficiency, flexible application, can be handled simultaneously different products of 6 different of production lines
4.The whole operation can be done on the screen of the control cabinet, and the operation is very simple

5.Product updates only need to input new data,and it can operate after the re-calculation , and which does not need the modification and settings on hardware and device.
6. The power consumption is low and the power consumption is about 1/5 of the mechanical stacker

7. Stacking type and stacking layers can be flexibly changed according to diffent kinds of stacking requirements on the spot, also can be designed according to user's requirements

Technical parameter

1. Mechanical arm: 4 axis

2. Clamp type: grab type clamp, suction clamp, splint type gripper
3. Maximum loading capacity: 100-300kg (code goods + gripper)

4. Stacking capacity: 400-1200 bags / hour

5. Palletizing diameter: 5-6m

6. Control power: 24VDC

7. Power: 380VAC/220VAC, 50HZ (+/-10%), 5KW

8. Working voltage: 0.5-0.8Mpa

Control system

Stacking special software package has the advantages of simple operation, fast and easy to use, you can directly select the standard stack type, you can also customize the stack type, can be set into layers. Stack type, object size, stacking direction, order, and it can provide a test function, check the validity of the configuration information.

Electric control cabinet

The new type electric cabinet is smaller in size and compact in structure than before
Supports EtherCAT, CanOpen, ProiBus, ModBus, TCP/IP bus communications

Expandable 16 axis synchronous control

According to the needs of the application, the integration of electrical engineering customization will be provided

Teaching device

Ergonomically designed, comfortable and easy to operate

Show in Chinese and English, friendly interface
7 inch vertical screen to show more information

Two way safety switches, fully ensure the safety of personnel operation

Equipped with USB interface to support the import / export of teaching programs

Remote monitoring function

Improve equipment operation efficiency and prolong equipment life cycle

Control the running state of the equipment in real time

Reduce management costs

Auxiliary management cost

Assist in optimizing product design

Raise service level, expand service content, increase new income

Monitoring display

Support interventional MES system

Support message resolution

Reserved application programming interface

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