Fully automatic packing machine,auto packing line for powdery material,flaky material,granular material, auto bag packaging machine line

Category: Machinery

It is fully automatic packing machine line applicable for industries such as chemistry, fertilizer urea, grain, food, feed, fish meal, coal, medicine, construction materials industry, etc.

Main Components:
1. Automatic quantitative weighing section
2.Automatic bag-supply section
3. Optional section such as air compressor
4.Automatic bag-clamped section
5. Automatic belt conveyor
6.Automatic sewing / sealing machine
7. Automatic bag-backwards section
8.Electrical instrument control cabinet

Picking bag, feeding bag, filling material, weighing in , sewing / sealing bag, bag-backwards and bag transmission are finished completely automatically.
Adopting PLC to guarantee the reliability of control
Adopting high-precision transducer and intelligent instrument to guarantee the accuracy and speed of weight
Adopting touch screen with trouble display and help system for easy operation.
Adopting imported pneumatic components features compact structure, reliable performance and convenient maintenance.
The sewing / sealing machine is an imported machine.

PACKING CAPACITY:600-1200 bags/hour (depending upon the material)
FILL MODE:1-2 time/1 bag filled (Customized)
PACKING MATERIALS:Granule/Flakes/Powders/Lumps/Pellet
BAG TYPE:Kraft Paper bags,PP Woven bags,Plastic bags (thickness 0.2mm)
BAG SIZE:LONG (mm)750-950(Customized)*WIDTH (mm)400-520(Customized)*BOTTOM WIDTH (mm)0-75(Customized)
MATERIAL FILLING DEVICE:Net weighing. Double type. Dosing system
ACCURACY:±0.2% (It changes with physical properties of materials and its capacities)
Paper bags: Stitching/Heat seal tape/Crepe tape
Woven bags: Folding/Stitch
Plastic bags: Heat

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