Manual Block Making Machine Mobile concrete block making machine

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Concrete block machine - Interlock bricks machine - Cinder block making machine - Hollow block machine - concrete block making machine - interlock brick making machine
What should you know about this campaign?
Campaign Price: 11.685 EURO (free installation and free staff training)
Contact: Seher +90 5326382935 (Whatsapp)
Warranty: minimum 24 months
Capacity: 2250 Concrete Blocks 15 cm width /8 HOURS
Transportation : 1 HQ 20' Containers
VESS 3.1 MANUAL BRICK MACHINE; Designed to work 24 hours. It has high production capacity wıth less employee. All kinds of spare parts can be found easily. Electric consumption is minimum level. Can be moved and installed easily. Low noise with silent engine pumps. It does not require technical assistance for installation. Smooth surface through producing with fine aggregate. Getting with the pre-prepared mortar,can produce any kind of Blocks-Asmolen-Straphored Brick And Garden Borders which are loaded on its.Daily capacity ( 8 Hours ) 2.250 Pieces Hollow Block.
We Have Installed and export this machine in Georgia, Suadi Arabia, Algeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, Turkey
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Beyazli Group

Trabzon Turkey
Trabzon Trabzon 61830 TR

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BEYAZLI GROUP started the commercial activities with manufacturing of Brick Making Machine, Hollow Block machine, Concrete Block machine and Mould industry in 2007. Bess Company developed and grew rapidly especially with experienced and expert staff who had been choosen with meticuolus. The Concrete Block Machine, Hollow Block machine and Concrete Mould machine which were manufactured by Bess made an important level ecomomical contribution with domestic and export sales to economy of country. Bess Company is manufacturing today at the modern facilities Concrete block Machines, Hollow Block machines Concrete Mould machines and like these machines .Bess which has succeeded to show activity at international area in a short time has been servicing the market of 23 countries.

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