Bug Eraser®

Category: Automotive

Our Bug Eraser® is a unique and revolutionary product developed and manufactured by Awesome Products Corp. They are made to clean an entire vehicle using only soap & water, removing dirt, grime, bugs, road tar, bird droppings, etc.as you are washing with only car wash soap & water, replacing all other products. Achieve detailing results as you just wash! They are unique in the industry in that they are safe for all vehicle surfaces when used with car wash soap & water:
• Paint
• Clear coat
• Plastic
• Graphics
• Metal
• Glass
• Wraps

Company: Awesome Products Corp.

130 Corridor Rd.
Ponte Vedra Beach FL 32004 USA

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Manufacturer of Bugs Off Pads and Better Than a Brush Wheel Scrubbers. Quick & easy car, truck, bus, and RV cleaning.

Our Bugs Off Pads safely remove bugs, over spray, dirt, grime, road tar, etc. from all vehicle surfaces with only car wash soap & water. They are safe for all vehicle surfaces: paint, clear coat, plastics, glass, graphics, metal, etc.

Our patent pending Better Than A Brush Wheel Scrubbers clean an entire wheel, even behind the spokes, with only soap & water.

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