Truck Canvas Cover

Category: Rubber & Plastics

1. Hot-melt Coating technology(Semi-coating).Good peeling strength for welding.Outstanding tearing strength.

2. Flame retardant character(optional).Anti ultraviolet treatment(UV)(optional).Acrylic treatment(optional).

3. Outstanding tearing strength and tensile strength.Flame retardant character. Aging-resistant.Laminated or knife coating technology.

4. 100% waterproof coverage.Anti ultraviolet treatment.All color available.Printing available.Strong strength for base fabric.Customer's requirement available.


Hubei Devoling Livestock Instruments Co.,Ltd

Block 8, Shangjing Masion, Panlongcheng Economic Development Zone, Huangpi District
Wuhan Hubei 430300 CN

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Our company is one of the leading livestock instruments manufacturers and suppliers of Husbandry and Veterinary in China. We are capable of manufacturing own core products, also sourcing from reliable and selected manufacturers, keep quality and prices under control so as to supply the suitable and competitive products to the oversea market.

Focus on agriculture industry, farming livestock equipment and veterinary medical instrument are most important subsectors for animal health and husbandry,which enhance the living quality of dairy cattle,horse,pig,chicken,dog and so on.

Based on them,consumable medical supplies such as veterinary wound dressings,syringes,examination gloves,and durable husbandry instruments such as pig feeder,hoof trimming,cattle farming,have been exported to in Europe,America,the Middle East,Africa and other countries and regions, are well-known and popular in every corner of the world.


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