QTZ-2 soil sampling drilling rig

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1.Brief introduction of QTZ-2 soil sampling drilling rig
QTZ-2 soil sampling drilling rig adopts the more power, and the impact force is stronger and the drilling depth is deeper, which can drill up to 10-15 meters.
2. Applications of QTZ-2 soil sampling drilling rig
·Geotechnical engineering investigation; environmental soil survey; agricultural soil survey.
·Groundwater survey; coastal geological survey; wetland environment investigation.
·Tailing pond investigation, archaeological investigation, physical chemistry and secondary halo sampling.
2.Technical parameters of QTZ-2 soil sampling drilling rig
QTZ-2 soil sampling drilling rig

Power power 3.3HP
lighter way backflush pull rope
oil consumption 0.55 l/h
Impact times 1650r/min
Impact energy 35J-65J
Core depth 10m-15m
Host weight 25kg
4.Configurations list of QTZ-2 soil sampling drilling rig
Item Parameter Platform Quantity
Soil sampling drilling rig QTZ-2 set 1
Side buckle impact take over 32*150 pc 1
Tapered tap 32*80 pc 13
Drill pipe 32*700 pc 13
Taper tap 32*100 pc 13
Reducing nipple 32*50 pc 1
Collar 50*150 pc 1
Open tube 50*600 pc 1
Double-edged pipe boots 50*100 pc 2
Reducing nipple 32*70 pc 1
Collar 70*150 pc 1
Open tube 70*600 pc 1
Inner edge pipe boots 70*100 pc 1
Outer edge pipe boots 70*100 pc 1
Portable sounding hammer 10kg pc 1
Sounding the reducing nipple 32 pc 1
Double sided hand 32 pc 1
Touch probe 32 pc 1
Puller three force arm set 1
The ratio of oil 25:1 pc 1
Oil funnel pc 1
Pipe wrench 80mm hold 1
Special internal six party multi-function 1
Wrench 24/27 1
Internal six party #6 1
Six prismatic wrench 1
Spark plug wrench 1
Screw driver 1
Spare spark plug 1

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