California Export Expo Participate in the USA Export Expo virtual trade show for lead generation and marketing.

California Export Expo

Welcome to the California Export Expo, an innovative online marketplace in which U.S. exporters can reach potential buyers worldwide, and find service providers in the U.S.

Features and Benefits

The California Export Expo is a powerful lead-generation platform that brings U.S. Exporter of the Year award winners and buyers from around the world together for networking and e-commerce. Open 24/7 and accessible anytime, anywhere, the Exporter of the Year Expo amplifies the benefits of trade shows, meetings, and conventions, while leveraging live and on-demand video, social networking, and advanced analytics.

Perpetual Trade Show Booth: Unlike trade shows that last just a few days, the California Export Expo is an ongoing program designed to generate new business leads all day, every day.

Anytime, Anywhere Access: Attending and/or exhibiting at bricks and mortar trade shows can be time-consuming and expensive. The Exporter of the Year Expo eliminates the time and expense of attending a trade show, and lets attendees determine when to participate.

Lead Generation: Exhibitors and attendees can take advantage of live chat opportunities. Plus, the Exporter of the Year Expo is always open for business.

Live Streaming Events: The Exporter of the Year Expo features real-time events, such as webcasts, conferences, and product demonstrations that provide a reason for registrants to return on a regular basis.

SEO-Driven Traffic: Sophisticated search engine optimization techniques send traffic to exhibitors, thereby delivering highly qualified leads and creating opportunities for additional revenue streams from targeted advertising and sponsored links.

Lead Management & Analytics: Every exhibit created using the Exporter of the Year Expo dashboard includes integrated analytics, which means that exhibitors can track every movement of the attendee --’ every download of information and every conversation -- and it provides tracking information for all multimedia presentations. Attendee reports can be downloaded on demand so that exhibitors can track leads and ROI.

The California Export Expo is your source for trade leads and new business connections.